The Return of Roaring Twenties Fashions

Many women (and men) are celebrating the comeback of Roaring Twenties Fashions. 

roaring twenties fashions kim k and reggie bushKim Kardashian Dressed in the Fashions of the Roaring Twenties

From the wild and bizarre spectacle of events like "Dances of Vice" to the Red Carpets of Hollywood celebrities like Drew Barrymore, Angelina Jolie, Kate Moss, Jessica Beil and Kim Kardashian have all been caught rocking the latest in vintage 1920s fashion.

Why this recent return to these "flapper era" fashions? What do you think. . . we want your opinion about the recent popularity of vintage fashion.

What is your favorite aspect of Roaring Twenties fashion? What defines the look to you?

  • The cloche hats are certainly a defining aspect
  • Beaded "waist-less" flapper dresses
  • Bobbed hairstyles
  • Art deco jewelry
  • Developments in women's make-up
  • New lingerie and underwear

Everyone's opinion differs on what exactly defines the 1920s.

The Vintage Edge of 1920s Steampunk

Another interesting development of vintage Twenties fashions is the development of “steampunk” style which uses familiar elements of different fashion eras and fuses them with futuristic styles.

The blend of these seemingly contrasting aesthetics ultimately leads to sexy, interesting fashion which is unique and edgy.

There are many beautiful spectacles dedicated to "steampunk" aesthetic. From New York's own "Dances of Vice" to the beautiful Hey Sailor! Hats of Kat Mercedes this is a genre that deserves some attention from people who love sexy vintage fashions. 

1920s vintage steampunkSteampunks - Liza James and Jared Axelrod on board Baldwin 60000 Photo: Kyle Cassidy

Modern Celebrities Dressed In 1920s Fashions

From some of the poshest costume parties to the most photographed Red Carpets many celebrities have been wearing vintage and reproduction flapper dresses.

Kim Kardashian was the most recent to be snapped up as a "gangster moll" at Eva Longoria's 36th birthday party, which happened to have a Roaring 1920s fashion theme.