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--Coco Chanel

The Language of The Jazz Age - 1920s Slang

"Sheik or sheba?" 1920s slang is one of the most colorful aspects of the Jazz Age.
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"Why should life be work, when we all can borrow.
Let's think only of today, and not worry about tomorrow."
--Zelda Fitzgerald

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America's vocabulary expanded with the times. Many new words and figures of speech popped up around new technology like automobiles; fashion; fads; and new people like flappers, bootleggers, and gangsters.

Here's a glossary of 1920s slang. This is not everything, if you'd like to add a word please do so at the bottom of this page.


  • All wet - Full of crap
  • Applesauce - Nonsense, the stuff that comes out of someone who is "all wet's" mouth.
  • B

  • Baloney - Another word for nonsense. Are we noticing a trend here?
  • Banana Oil - See baloney and applesauce for reference.
  • Barney Mugging - To have sex.
  • Bee's Knees - Something or someone great. A term of affection.
  • Belly Laugh - Hahahahahahaha!!!! and you mean it.
  • Berries - Something you love.
  • Bible Belt - Location flappers felt there was a lack of belly laughs, and where the people were "all wet". The south and midwest where fundamentalist views pervail. (coined by H.L. Menken)
  • Big Cheese - An important dude.
  • Blind Date - A date set up with an unknown person. Same as it is today.
  • Bronx Cheer - To boo someone unmercifully. Usually done in Philadelphia today.
  • Bull Session - A gathering of people to talk, usually full of hot air.
  • Bunk - Nonsense. Short for the word "bunkum".
  • C

  • Cake-eater - A ladies man, a gigolo.
  • Carry a torch - To have a crush on someone who does not return your affection.
  • Cat's Meow - Something great and wonderful. Bee's knees.
  • Cheaters - Glasses.
  • Copacetic - Awesome. Super cool.
  • D

  • Darb - something or someone who is cool. Usually male.
  • Dogs - 1920s slang for feet. "Boy my dogs are barking."
  • Drugstore Cowboy - A wannabe gigolo. Usually dressed well with nothing better to do than try to pick up chicks.
  • Dumb Dora - Stupid girl. The girl who usually falls pray to the drugstore cowboys.
  • E

  • Egg - A man. "He's a good egg."
  • F

  • Fall Guy - The guy who takes the rap for something.
  • Flat Tire - Super boring person.
  • Frame - To set someone up to be blamed for something, like a crime. What is done to the "fall guy."
  • G

  • Gam - A sexy pair of legs. Female, from French "gambe".
  • Gatecrasher - Someone who sneaks into a party without an invitation.
  • Giggle Water - Alcoholic drink.
  • Gin Mill - A speakeasy.
  • Gold Digger - A woman who uses her sexuality to get money out of a man. I ain't saying she is one. ;)
  • Goofy - A silly person.
  • Gyp - To cheat someone out of something. From gypsy.
  • H

  • Hard Boiled - Someone without feeling. A tough "egg."
  • Heebie-jeebies - To get scared and shake. To be uncomfortable.
  • Hep - Smart, wise. "I'm hep to your jive."
  • High-hat - To ignore or snub someone. "I'm tired of always getting the high-hat from you guys."
  • Hokum - Nonsense, "Stop feeding me that hokum."
  • Hooch - Homemade booze, alcohol, bootlegged liquor. (comes from "Hoochinoo" a tribe of Alaskan Indians who produced liquor).
  • Hoofer - Chorus girl. A Ziegfeld Follies girl.
  • Horsefeathers - Crap, again.
  • Hotsy-totsy - A hot girl. Something attractive.
  • I


  • Jake - Cool. All is well. "Everything's jake."
  • Jalopy - A crappy old car.
  • K

  • Keen - Sharp, appealing.
  • Kiddo - A "off the cuff" way for a man to refer to a woman he knows.
  • Kisser - Mouth. "Boom, right in the kisser."
  • L

  • Line - Flattery to get a specific response. A pickup line.
  • Lounge Lizard - A ladies man. A cake-eater.
  • Lousy - Crappy.
  • M

  • Main Drag - Main street. A place for the kids to cruise their cars.
  • N

  • Neck - To make out. Often done in the back of a car.
  • Nerts (nuts) - Disgust. Like saying "Oh crap."
  • O

  • Ossified - Smashed drunk.
  • P

  • Peppy - Full of life.
  • Pet - To feel up. To neck with a girl. Done at "petting parties."
  • Petting Parties - Social get-together where young men and women neck and sometimes "go all the way".
  • Pinch - To get arrested. "Nerts, Al Capone just got pinched."
  • Pushover - Easily overcome. "Ahh, he's a pushover, don't worry about it."
  • Q


  • Raspberry - To boo loudly, Bronx cheer.
  • Ritzy - Upscale, elegant. (From the hotel the "Ritz")
  • Real McCoy - The real thing, the real deal. Authentic. (Where 1920s slang word really comes from is disputed. Either it comes from a Scottish clan leader, McKay, or from "Kid" McCoy, who went to battle with another man named McCoy, or a bootlegger named McCoy who didn't water down his hooch, hence "The real McCoy")
  • Run-around - To confuse someone in order to waste time or buy time.
  • S

  • Scram - A way of saying, "get outta here."
  • Screwy - Weird, strange.
  • Sex appeal - Sexy. The 1920s slang way of saying, "That's hot."
  • Sheba - A young sexy flapper or lady.
  • Sheik - A young sexy man.
  • Smeller - Your nose.
  • Sob Sister - A woman newspaper reporter. She reports emotionally to evoke a reaction from her audience.
  • Speakeasy - A bar that sells illegal booze.
  • Spifflicated - Smashed, ossified, drunk, tanked.
  • Spiffy - 1920s slang term for "looking sharp," usually referring to a man's appearance.
  • Struggle-Buggy - A automobile. (The place where young sheiks struggle with young shebas).
  • Stuck On - To have a crush on someone.
  • Swanky - Upscale, Ritzy.
  • Swell - Awesome. The Bee's Knees, copacetic.
  • T

  • Torpedo - A 1920s slag term to describe a guy hired to kill someone.
  • U

  • Upchuck - To barf, throw up.
  • V


  • Whoopee - Loud fun. Often done at a "petting party."
  • X



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